How Does Windows 10 Collect Our Private Data?

The other interesting thing is that the key to bitLocker, which is the cryptographic mechanism of Windows 10 will be stored in OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud service ). This is very suspicious, because anyone with access to OneDrive can take the key and decrypt it. From this point on, all your private data collected will be accessible.

Windows 10 will also store all your passwords in OneDrive. Each one of them! And there is nothing you can do to change that, unless you are blackhat hacker, and this is against the law.

Another interesting concept is the ability to share WiFi passwords. If you and I are related, and you go to a restaurant and save the WiFi password on your device, when I go to the same place there is no need to ask for the password – my Windows 10 will simply take it from your Windows. You can see clearly all the possible threats from this feature.

Windows 10 definately reminds us of the famous and scary booki “1984” by George Orwell.


How Much Will the “Free” Windows 10 Cost Us?

There is no free dinner! The idea of free OS sounds too good to be true. The more information and details we fnd about the new “free” Win10, the more we understand its real cost – the cost of our privacy. When you upgrade your OS, you agrre to the terms and conditions, which practically nobody reads. Nearly nobody. It took nearly four days of a group of lawyers to familiarize themselves with it and it includes some very interesting things. One of them is that Windows 10 will collect the following information for you:

– Who and when is working on the computer – that everyone will have their own profile.
– How much time are you using computer;
– What you type with the keyboard;
– What programs are currently opened and what you do with them;
– Each message you send by mail, chat or other communicating systems;
– Calendars, notes, and your bookmarks;
– Cameras, microphone and peripherals;
– In case of biometrics, the biometric data from sensors.

In other words, Microsoft  will gather every possible information about you that it can and the worst part is that nobody can tel us how this information will be used. The only text on the subject is: “The information can be used to protect our partners.” Who are these partners exactly and how will the info be used?

Even if you disable some of these data collecting options, you still cannot protect your privacy 100%.